Hotel Specialties recommends specialty interior coatings to increase the durability, beauty and life of your interior surfaces. These are common sense coatings that will dramatically enhance your interior environment.



TOTAL TEX Interior Wall Coating

Total Tex is a revolutionary interior wall coating with a variety of application techniqes that allows you to create different textures in many colors.

Total Tex produces a hard, scrub reststant, high performance and highly attractive finish, to enhance any commercial or residential interior setting.

Total Tex contains a preservative that prevents the growth of mold and mildew.


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With Variance Specialty Finishes you can create an amazing array of finishes from Old World Venetian Plasters and Textured Tuscan Stucco to Vivid Modern Textures including the look of natural stone and brick in a hard durable surface.  

Variance Finishes offer endless possibilities in design through a miriad of colors and textures producing a hard, durable, breathable low maintenance finish to a variety of wall surfaces, interior or exterior.


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