Epoxy Emulsion System

Hydropoxy protective coating is a two component, equal part epoxy emulsion compound of high solids content. When intermixed it cures to a hard durable, semi-gloss coating.

Being of a heavy paint consistancy, it is capable of sealing porous surfaces and bridging fine cracks, holes and voids.

Heavy veneer type can withstand hydrostatic pressure.

Hydropoxy can be used on all masonry interior or exterior walls, above or below grade, basement walls and floors (within certain limitations), tunnels, shafts and concrete decks.

Hydropoxy seals walls and floors against dampness and water penetration. In may be applied to dry or damp surfaces and will accept any type paint or decorative coating.

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Silicone Water Repellent
Invisible, Clear Water Repellent

Florok Silicone Water Repellent is a clear,water based masonry sealer.It passess Fed Spec. SS-W-110C. Florok Silicone Water Repellent applied in a flood coat application will seal pourous masonry without changing the surface appearance. Masonry stays breathable but water stays out. Prevents efflorescence and freeze thaw damage.


C201-B Silicone Water Repellent WB 1 Gallon Jugs  $ 13.60 each

C201-C Silicone Water Repellent WB 5 Gallon Pail    $ 56.75 each





Klere-Treat WB
Ready to Use Masonry Water Repellent

Klere-Treat WB is a masonry water repellent based on a silane and siloxane. Under the influence of atmospheric humidity, it chemically reacts with and bonds to mansory, forming a highly effective poly-siloxane repellent. It is highly alkaline resistant and designed for use on brick, concrete block, precast concrete, stucco, limestone, fieldstone and many other natural stones.

Kleare-Treat WB provides superior protection against moisture penetration, thereby preventing the deleterious effects of efflorescence. The deep penetrating application retains it's natural appearance with no surface build up or darkening effects. The masonry remains completely breathable.

Klere-Treat WB can also be applied to parking garages and flat concrete or masnory surfaces to reduce attack from deicing salts.

The advantages of Klere-Treat WB include:

  • Deep Penetration into surfaces
  • Non-film forming
  • Does non contain wax, gum resins, silicas or silicones
  • Unlike many water repellents Klere-Treat WB does not break down due to alkali in masonry.
  • Resists water penetration for 10 years
  • Highly resistant to acid rain
  • Safe water based formula, water cleanup
  • No toxic fumes or vapors

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C202-B Clear Treat WB Premium Grade Mansonry Sealer 1 Gallon Jug  $ 21.50 each

C202-C Clear Treat WB Premium Grade Masonry Sealer 5 Gallon Pail    $ 96.75 each





VOC Compliant Water Repellent

.Enviro-Sheild is a water based, VOC compliant, high performance, clear, penetrating water repellent sealer. It is designed to provide long term protection for brick, blocks, Jersey barriers, vertical or horizontal concrete and natural stones and other porous surfaces Enviro-Sheild has little or no odor and is non flammable.

Enviro-Sheild repels water on masonry surfaces for up to 10 years and can be sprayed with a low pressure sprayer, allowing it to thoroughly soad the surface up 1/2" deep.

Enviro-Sheild is easy to use. Overspray can be washed off with soap and water. Sprayers and tools can be washed with soap and water.

Enviro-Sheild does not pollute the air and is non-toxic.

Please contact us via phone, fax or email if your require further product data. Our customer service staff is ready to assist you.


C202-E Enviro-Sheild 20% Water based Silane 1 Gallon Jugs   $ 21.90 each

C202-E1 Enviro-Shield 20% Water based Silane 5 Gallon Pail   $ 88.00 each

C202-FB Enviro-Shield 40% Alchohol Based 5 Gallon Pail        $137.25 each